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Match groups of two or more colored QBeez on your way to making a perfect clear or face the heart wrenching cries from these cute little cubes. Perfect for any occasion, QBeez™ makes it hip to be square!
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pls update the game by
Dear all,
Pls update the game to support iphone 5

Best Game apAround! by
I love this game and often have to fight my friends and family from hogging it when they hears those funny voices, "QBeez Together!" Can't get enough of it and its perfect for the commute to work or back home. Love, love, love it!
No one that tries this can put it down! by
Yes, they could've made a free version but you won't be disappointed with the countless hours, days and months you can play this game. This game suits the characteristics of the phone better than any game I've ever seen. Tilt the iPhone left or right to rotate the board that way. Give it a jolt to shuffle the board. Great game and for only 99¢ you'd be depriving yourself a pleasure that good for you. Also good for brain and us older folks :)

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